Pennsylvania Men's Medical Clinic, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions:

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1. What is Dr. Hornsby's background?


2. I'm very embarrased about my ED condition.
Is your office private and discreet?


3. Is there an age restriction to be treated?


4. What makes you different from other ED clinics
or my urologist?


5. Do all the herbal pills I see advertised all the
time work?


6. Why did Viagra stop working for me? It used
to work great.


7. How is your medication different from the
popular pills like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra?


8. My doctor told me it would be dangerous for
me to take Viagra because I'm on nitrates. Can I
still take your medication?


9. I've had prostate cancer and surgery. Can you
still help me?


10. Do you treat premature ejaculation?


11. My doctor said I am low on testosterone.
Can you help me with this?


12. What about my wife? Do you have anything
to help increase her libido or dryness?












More Frequently Asked Questions:

What is erectile dysfunction?
• Erectile dysfunction is the inability to sustain or achieve an erection, preventing men from enjoying satisfactory intercourse.

SMS AssociationWhat is premature ejaculation?
• Premature ejaculation often stems from oversensitivity and nervousness. PE is defined as ejaculation which occurs with little sexual stimulation, usually before the man prefers it to happen.

Do we treat both ED and PE?
• Yes. We know that ED and PE often go hand in hand. Our ED treatment usually cures PE, as well.

Who are we?
• Pennsylvania Men’s Medical Clinic and our licensed physicians provide real, long lasting solutions to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Our doctors will provide a personal diagnosis and treatment plan to safely awaken your sex life in just one visit.

Who are the doctors treating me?
• The physicians at Pennsylvania Men's Medical Clinic have a strong track record in the area of men's sexual health and are committed to your satisfaction. They are experienced professionals who understand your needs and are dedicated to providing safe and effective treatments on an individual basis, regardless of your age or medical condition.

Where else can one get ED treatment?If you have no access to our medical center in Pennsylvania, you can order drugs for ED treatment online from a reliable drugstore like CVS pharmacy or My Canadian Pharmacy. They have been around long enough to create good reputation.

Our National Physician Advisor Dr. Bernard Kamhi, MD, is a Board Certified Urologist educated at Harvard University. Practicing medicine since 1955, Dr. Kamhi was a Urology Instructor at State University of New York and Professor of Urology at University of California. He has been published in American Journal of Urology and British Journal of Urology.

Will my privacy be maintained?
• Nothing is more important. Consultation, testing and treatments are conducted by our all male staff in the privacy of our clinics.